Anger Management: How to Control Your Mood

Anger Management: How to Control Your Mood

Anger is a natural human emotion that can be expressed in many different ways. Some people may become verbally aggressive, while others will physically lash out. However, not everyone has the same anger management style; it varies from person to person. In this article, we’ll go over some tips for controlling your mood and staying calm.

Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply is one of the best and simplest ways to calm down. When you’re stressed or angry, take a few deep breaths into your stomach rather than breathing shallowly with your chest. This will help slow your heart rate and relax tense muscles in the body. If you need more time before responding, it’s also recommended that you count to ten.

Take a break from social media

Social media is known for making people feel bad about themselves, so if you’re feeling angry with your partner and need some time away, this can be great way to cool off while maintaining the relationship in question. Deleting your apps or giving yourself a set amount of minutes before spending time on social media can be a great way to control your anger.

It’s also recommended that you put away the phone or computer for some time if it is making an angry situation worse – this will give both of you time to cool down and think about what was said before responding in anger.

Lay Down

One proven method of calming down is to lay on your back and slowly lower the legs. This will help with blood flow which in turn can calm you down. Laying flat also helps ease tension because it forces muscles to relax, so it’s a great thing to do before bedtime or during any time that anger starts taking over.


Meditation is a proven way to reduce stress. It can be done in many different ways, with the most common being mindful or deep breathing exercises that focus on clearing your mind of any thoughts and feelings so you’re left feeling calm and relaxed.

Final Thought

It’s natural to get angry every now and then; however, it can be hard to control your anger. If you find yourself in this position, try using any of these techniques for managing your mood: deep breathing exercises, taking a break from social media or turning off the phone/computer during an argument. No matter what technique you choose, remember that getting angry doesn’t help anything and will only make things worse. It is important to remain calm when trying to resolve conflicts with others so they too can stay rational as well. Remembering these tips may save both parties some time, money and stress.